1. the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way
  2. a system of communication used by a particular country or community

The above is a common understanding about language.

Language has shaped us, our behaviors and cultures, our perceptions and beliefs. I am not sure if it’s some form of memory loss or if it’s sheer negligence on my part, but I have struggled with language. Especially the spoken language because it is heard (mostly judged), then and there. I have been surviving on intuition based communication and have stopped processing past-present-future tense and their long list of cousins.

It is amusing to see the obsession with language. Many shame others over its defined correct usage and how it must be followed else they are branded as uncool and even uneducated. While some enlightened beings want to preserve their local dialects or one of language’s form else the planet would be doomed.

We assume so much. Like people who cannot communicate in English cannot survive in a tall building with fancy offices. We assume everyone likes or prefers this language, and prefer to talk to strangers or acquaintances in this language. Many of us communicate our love in English, we can talk dirty in English as if it is emotionless, or does it sound sexy in our brains? We assume, English would take away our culture. We assume English would help in marrying off our children. We define too much with English!

I struggle a lot with defining things, myself, my work, people around me. May be I think too much, or too less? Many times, the conclusion comes that there is no truth, no definition at least in a  single form of communication. Everything is right, what matters is a frame of reference. People have so much connect with their identity and language is a huge part of it, and (rolls eyes), I am using it intuitively. May be I have started despising language or humans altogether. My struggle with language and communication continues.